*  Reduces Pain   *Improves Blood Supply to Tissue   * Relaxes Muscle
*Reduces Inflammation    *  Improves Quality of Life

Designed and created by the team who brought you the highly successful Ice-Vibe range.  Sportz-vibe is a very effective massage therapy rug that is comfortable, lightweight, easy to use and extremely portable.  Its two different therapeutic settings help warm up muscles before work, and can be used as a recovery aid after work to ease soreness and stiffness, and accelerate recovery after injury. 

The stimulation from Sportz-Vibe is gentle enough that it won't over-work your horses muscles but is strong enough that it will effectively reduce muscle tension and stimulate the lymph system into repair.  Its removable massage panels mean that you can target areas of discomfort and treat them individually or collectively.  Using Sportz-Vibe before exercise can create a calming effect and effectively relaxes and warms up targeted muscle groups.  Reducing muscle tension assists blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments, helping to make them more elastic and less susceptible to injury as well as more comfortable.  

The vibration panels in the rug create a massage effect which aids in the relaxation of muscle.  Massage is renowned for its ability to promote healing reduce pain, improve blood supply to tissue, and reduce inflammation.  A more relaxed muscle means better blood flow which is essential to bring oxygen and nutrients to tissues.  A good supply of oxygen and nutrients are necessary to repair damaged muscle and also to build and develop new muscle. In addition, by activating the Lymph system to move, the massage effect helps drain inflammation and stimulates repair to damaged tissue thus promoting healing.  

WHEN TO USE SPORTZ-VIBE? Prevention and Repair...
Using Sportz-Vibe before exercise warms up targeted muscle groups and can help reduce the risk of injury.  Reducing muscle tension assists blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments, helping to make them more elastic.  Using after exercise, cools down muscles and helps to keep your horse comfortable while developing muscle tone.  Sportz-Vibe can help manage everyday wear and tear, eases soreness and stiffness and helps your horse recover more quickly after hard work or injury.

Sportz-Vibe comes with 4 removable massage panels which can be placed in four areas on either side of the rug, centre back, hind quarters, shoulders and neck.  These work alternatively on either side of the horse’s body to stimulate circulation. Sportz-Vibe has two treatment settings, both automatically switch off after twenty minutes and can be used up to 3 times a day.

The Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Rug is made from a high quality breathable fabric which is adjustable for horses of different builds and once the panels and rechargeable battery is removed, is fully machine washable. It comes with four massage panels, a universal charger, a rechargeable battery which lasts up to three hours and includes an in-built battery level indicator.  A detachable hood is included and all arrives in a smart Sportz-Vibe back pack.  It is very easy to store and transport.  Sportz-Vibe Horse Rugs come with a 6 month warranty from date of purchase and all accessories can be purchased from HorseFit NZ separately, including 2 panel packs.  The 2 panel packs are designed to be placed in the neck if you wish to run this area in addition the panels in the body, they include; 2x Sportz-Vibe Massage panels, 1x Lithium Battery, 1x Splitter Cable. 

The Sportz-Vibe Horse Rug comes in 3 different sizes with an adjustable front that allows one rug to treat 3 different sized horses.  Elasticated surcingle’s can be adjusted to ensure a snug and secure fit around the horse.
Sportz-Vibe Small =NZ 4'0 - 4'6 (Pony)
Sportz-Vibe Medium = NZ 4'9 - 5'3 (Med Horse)
Sportz-Vibe Large = NZ 5'6 - 6'0 (Large Horse)


"I'm really thrilled with the results of my Sportz Vibe rug. It gets used everyday at home and is so easy to put on and take off. Being so light weight, it comes along to each competition as well.  The horses love wearing it and seem more relaxed after use. I use it before work and sometimes as an after work treatment too. The neck attachment has been particularly useful".