Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy Boots - Full & XFull

$439.00 NZD from $389.00 NZD

** IN STOCK AT HORSEFIT IN BOTH FULL & XFULL **  ICE-VIBE Circulation therapy boots are easy to use, rechargeable vibrating boots that combine COLD and VIBRATION (or either cold or vibration alone) to treat soreness and swelling, reduce inflammation, boost circulation and stimulate repair in horses legs. With Ice-Vibe, everyday wear and tear...

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Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy - Hock Wrap

$399.00 NZD $355.00 NZD

The shape of a horses hock joint makes it one of the most difficult areas to treat. In response to the need for an effective hock treatment that is effective and easy to use, Ice-Vibe have developed the Ice-Vibe Hock wrap. Injury prevention and repair Ease soreness & reduce stiffness Boost...

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Spare Ice Packs for Ice-Vibe Tendon

$49.00 NZD $39.00 NZD

Spare Cold packs for Ice Vibe Circulation Therapy Boots - Tendon Sold in Pairs (Left & Right).   New contoured shape with secure velcro to secure a snug fit around the horses leg. Colour: BlackAvailable in sizes: Full and XFull 

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Spares - Ice Packs for Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap

$34.00 NZD

Colour: BlackOne Size (pair)Spare Cold Packs for Ice Vibe Circulation Therapy Hock Wraps.

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Spare Parts - Ice-Vibe Panel

$109.00 NZD

Colour: Black Size: Standard Replacement Integrated battery/vibrating panel for Ice Vibe boots. *This item is not compatible with mini-usb charge cable that came with Ice-Vibe boots bought before November 2018. If you are replacing panels for boots purchased prior to this date you will need to upgrade your charger kit. Sold as...

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Ice-Vibe Cool Bag

$39.00 NZD $29.00 NZD

An ideal compact Cooler bag for keeping Ice-Vibe Cold Packs chilled during events. Also great for storing Ice-Vibe packs that are to be cooled or heated at a later time. Holds up to 4 pairs of cold packs.

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Ice-Vibe Therapy Boot - Charge Kit

$35.00 NZD

Cable and International plugs for charging Ice-Vibe vibrating panels. 2 Ice-Vibe panels can be charged at once.  We recommend charging your panels for a period of 4-6 hours to re full charge. Charge cable plugs come in black and white depending on availability.  Cables are black.

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